I'm Weird Like That...

So, I realize that most people get "nice" clothes monogrammed.  And, I do that too...but, I tend to mongram the Target type stuff far more often...weird, I know.  But, hear me out.  So, my theory is that if it's a nice piece of clothing, then I'd love to hang onto it for another child. (Now all the grandparents are grabbing their phones to call and see if we have big news.  I assure you, we don't.  And probably won't for a long time.  Maybe never.  Can you tell the kiddos are wearing me out this week?  But, I digress.)

Anyhow, I love finding inexpensive clothing for my kids to monogram and give it a little something extra.  Take this dress for example.  It's perfect for Spring, and will look really cute with some white leggings under it.

monogram shown in Delightful Font

So, how much, you say??
Seven smakaroos.
Thats right, $7.
From Walmart.
And, at that price, she can spill on it and fall in the dirt in it, and do whatever else two year olds do to ruin their clothes, and I won't have a heart attack.  I'll just sit back and relax and take comfort in the fact that my Little English jumper is safe and sound and ready for some other little one.  Maybe.  :)

So, run out to Walmart and grab your dress!

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