Happy Valentines!

Last week, I got a note in my daughters backpack letting me know that the kids in the class would be exchanging valentines this year.  My daughter is only 3, there's only 8 kids in her class, and they are all girls.  I thought this was the perfect recipe (or maybe perfect excuse) for me to be able to do something crafty for the little girls.  We are in the middle of a move and I need to finish up some Stitchy Britches orders before we have to be out of this house, but hey, why not?  I really think my soul needed to create something - as much as I love applique and embroidery, it was fun to do just a little craft that didn't involve my sewing machine or a paying customer.  Do any of you with "crafty" businesses ever feel this way?  Anyhow, I've been saving my pennies from Christmas and my birthday, and I took the silhouette dive.  AND I LOVE IT.  Every time I use it, I go get my husband and say "Isn't this crazy??  It's amazing that it knows what to do!"  I feel like my two year son who thinks that the garbage man coming each week might as well be the second coming.  It really is amazing (obviously not as amazing as the second coming will be).  I digress.  So, I decided for this project to use the print and cut feature of the silhouette, which about put me over the edge.  You can design something in the silhouette software, send it to your normal printer, and then send it through the silhouette cutter and it will cut in the exact right place - I'm telling you, it blows my mind.

So, want to see what came of all the printing, cutting, and glue-gunning??

Some cute little flower barrettes (who knew there were two "r"s and two "t"s in that word?  thanks, spell check)!  I have to thank my BFF Mel for helping me think of the little poem.

 As for how I made the barrettes, I simply cut the flower shapes from fabric on the silhouette (be sure to use an interfacing on your fabric - I used heat and bond light).  Then I covered an alligator clip with some green ribbon, covered some buttons with more fabric, and hot glued it all together.
   It was a fun little project, and I hope all the little girls in Anna Well's class will love them!

Happy Valentines Day, y'all!